About Airica

Hello! My name is Airica, pronounced like the traditional spelling of ‘Erica’; however, there’s nothing traditional about my journey, or me. So, different is certainly reasonable. I suppose my mother saw into my ‘future’, which is why she added a spin on the name spelling.

My family and I relocated from Ohio to Michigan over five years ago due to my husband’s job. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Jonathon. Together, we have two spectacular young adult children.

Learn, teach, serve, and inspire is my motto. Life will always provide a person, or an opportunity to do one of these things consistently.

Like many of us, I was on life’s fast track to pursue my dream, which was pulled out from under me. Devastated and blindsided, I’ve used the time to reflect and refine ‘me’. No longer chasing a ‘purpose’ or manufactured ‘journey’; I’m finally free to love life and me, and appreciate everything that comes with it.

In my spare time I love to run, read, mentor women/teen age girls, and enjoy time with loved ones!

No matter what lives throws your way, remember to ‘KEEP GOING!’

Thank you for visiting!



  Hubby and me.


My heartbeats (cat included).

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